Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finger ring : Latest Fashion Trend

Fashion or looking gorgeous is not only about the hot designer silhouette. Earlier designer fashion wears are considered the best to flaunt on parties but the trend has been changed now. Now for all the big OOMPH! The credit goes to the huge designer ring on your finger. The big finger rings or so called the cocktail rings are major attraction amongst the high class society women.

The diamond clustered ring looks sophisticated whereas, the single large center stone rings create a bold style statement. Such ring became the favorite fashion jewelry for independent and affluent women. Some high fashion conscious women prefer to have a custom-designed right ring matching with their taste of style. The right ring is not only a piece of fashion jewelry but a symbol of independence, uniqueness and strong taste of fashion. Watch the below bold collection with colored precious stone in center.

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Finger Rings : Left To Right!

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