Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glass Bangles: High on Fashion!

Glass bangles are a favorite fashion accessory of many women globally. Especially Indian women are known for their love for these fragile yet beautiful bangles.The feminine appeal and charm of wearing them is incomparable to any other piece of jewelry you can put on. These lovely bangles are uniquely crafted in intricate designs and hues to suit your everyday needs and for special occasion wear.

An Inseparable Part of Indian Culture

Glass bangles have been an integral part of ethnic Indian fashion. In India the very sound of bangles tinkling on a woman's wrist is considered melodious like music. No marriage, festival or celebration is complete without the quintessential glass bangles jewelery adorning women's wrist. With all this, it is no wonder that entire towns and cities revolve around the business of making glass bangles.

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